Towards a Retooling of the Methodologies in the Humanities in an Age of Boundary Crossing: The Case of Literature
Clzijioke Uwasomba
Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University
lle—Ife, Nigeria

This paper challenges the extant epistemological and methodological assumptions that underlie the core foundations in the humanities in general and literature in particular, using Paul Baran’s concept of the intellectual as a theoretical guide. A text is an ideological construction. Therefore, it requires a rigorous exercise involving interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary engagement to unpack. deconstruct and lay bare for the benefit o/humanity. The paper argues that the way literature is currently conceived produces in the main, intellect workers who are typically the faithful servants, the agents. the functionaries and the spokes persons of the system and proposes a systematic and holistic paradigm whose emphasis is based an inter and multidisciplinary perspective. The essay goes on to argue that the most potent way to generate knowledge within the disciplinary context of literature would he to effect a recourse to the eclectic mode as regards epistemological and methodological concerns.

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