Towards Improved Functional Literacy for Rural Dwellers: An Evaluation of the Mass Education Programme in Kwara State,’ Nigeria.
Shola T. Babatunde

Functional Literacy, a global programme in aid of_ the trend for information diffusion in the world, is a much orchestrated social programme in Nigeria. This paper, after identifying, among other things, the import of functional literacy for the development of the mind, examines what is on the ground in the mass literacy programme of Kwara state, one of the thirty states in Nigeria. [t discovers that the programme has achieved much in terms of vision and paper work, but it is deficient in areas of implementation. The paper then ends with the following suggestions for improved success in this all important social programme: house—to-house publicity strategy, improved funding, recruitment of full-time instructors,provision of pedagogic resources and materials and the provision of job
opportunities for the populace. This will go a long way to galvanise people in these society to reach out for education, especially the last point; and that more emphasis should be on the societal factors like teachers, home infrastructures etc.that will assist learners to be literate.

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