Types of Classroom Questions and their Effects on Reading Comprehension:Teaching in Primary Schools in Kano
J. S. Aliyu

Taxonomy has been identified by researchers and classroom practitioners as a viable asset for promoting teacher-leaner effectiveness. In this study three principal questions were raised to assess the possible connection between teachers’/textbooks questions and the notion of taxonomy. 20 Kano Primary Schools were selected on the basis of stratified sampling. Classroom observations and recording were carried out in Classes 3 and 5 of the selected schools. A question Aire was administered and relevant textbook passages were analysed in conjunction with the three principal questions earlier raised.Findings revealed that most teachers and textbooks in Kano Primary Schools, through their question types, promote mainly two levels of reading: literal comprehension and reorganization. In
exceptional cases, the better qualified and more resourceful teachers utilize a wider spread of questions. The study would seem to confirm that the chances to vary questions in reading comprehension lessons rest mainly on the quality of both the teacher and the textbook.

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