What Are They Doing After School? An Analysis of the Post-School Activities of Arabic  School Graduates
Department of Language Arts and Social Science Education
Lagos State University, Ojo. solalaniyan_2004@yahoo.com

Education of any kind remains an instrument of change and a tool for personal and national development. It is seen to be a social process and the medium for the acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes for survival. Arabic schools are purposely built to promote the understanding of the Islamic faith. They offer instruction in the Islamic sciences and Arabic language using the Arabic language and or the local language. They boast wide popularity and population. This paper therefore, examines the graduates of these schools located in Lagos State, Nigeria to see how relevant they are and contributions of Islamic education in their personal life. It also exposes its impacts on the lives of its graduates either as a step to further education or as a means of livelihood. The paper concludes on the recommendation for the need to involve a robust governmental regulation and integration.
Key Words: Arabic, Graduate, Post-School, Activities, Education.

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