Promoting Efficient Reading in the English Language at the Secondary School Level in Nigeria
Samuel 0. Ayodele

When Brimer conducted what is now generally regarded as the first study into the reading problems of‘ Nigerian (learners in 1959, he recognized the fact that the root cause of reading disability in the primary and secondary levels of learning in words, ‘A comprehensive examination of the teaching‘o reading in the primary and secondary schools in Nigeria is required.’ It is a realization of this fact that has led to a number of studies conducted in the department of teacher education of the Ibadan University, and in which the present author has been directly and indirectly involved. The first was that by Ayodele (1978), a masters degree project in language education, which was quickly
followed by three others: Fasunon (1979), Obienika (1981), and Ayodele (1983). These four works are very similar in some degrees, and it would be very convenient to report their findings together since they all address themselves to the same broad themes of the major reading problems, reading characteristics, and reading performances at the secondary school level.

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