The poor quality of education has long been the concern of everybody,
individuals, educational administrators and governments at both State and Federal levels. The question has been, “Who is to blame?” Is it the teachers, the students themselves, the parents, educational administrators, governments, or all who are concerned with the business of education?
The writer is not using this forum to apportion blame as to who is responsible for the poor standard of education in schools. Rather, emphasis is on the fact that, whoever is to blame, written texts play a major role. This is because they contain a lot of useful information which, when retrieved through reading, will go a long way in improving academic performances of students in schools. This view is strongly expressed because it is obvious that today’s students generally hate reading, either novels or their recommended texts. How then will a student pass an examination? Research in the area of reading has found a remarkably low level of reading in Africa and Nigeria in particular. This, it is thought, could have
a positive correlation with academic performance.