There is a definite need for appropriate reading materials for new literate in Nigeria. The focus of this paper is on the need for such materials, the reasons for their scarcity, and some alternative sources of self— produced materials. The two types of materials suggested to start with are bulletin board information displays and newsletters. A description of what these are and their advantages and usefulness follows and ends the paper. Without the product of continuous flow of reading material relevant to our local communities which can stimulate, encourage, and establish the reading habit, new literates will quickly fall back into illiteracy. UNESCO has suggested that a minimum of 800 pages of supplementary reading material is necessary to take the learner from the beginning stage of reading to
independent reading (Wendel, 1982). A lack of easy—to— read materials is the number one reason for failure of many adults literacy programmes around the world. It is possible that many of your own students have learned to read this year through your efforts. But how many of them will forget what they have learned by next year? We cannot expect that the problem of providing appropriate reading materials will be solved outside our communities. We are here today to look inward and to seek solutions to
the lack of reading materials from within ourselves.