An Investigation into ICT and Literacy Development in Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Olagundoye, Olubunmi Christiana
Faculty of Education, Department ofCurriculum Studies
Ekiti rState University, Ado Ekiti. Nigeria
Mobile: +2348067888360

The contemporary society is moving from traditional setting to technological advancement where socio-economic, political and educational activities are carried out technologically. This has necessitated the need to introduce some new subjects into the curriculum in order to equip the future generation with skills that will make them become independent, self—reliant and be technologically developed. However, the purpose of the study was to find out the effective use of ICT in secondary schools, to find out whether there is enough computer equipment in schools.
whether there are enough ICT facilities that could enhance the teaching of the subject and to find out whether there are enough human resources to handle this subject. The population for the study comprised all secondary schools in Ondo State while the study samples were drawn from three Local Governments in the state. A teacher in each sample schools was interviewed making a total of sixty (63) respondents.
A descriptive method was used for the study using a case study of three (3) Local Governments. Frequency counts and simple percentage was used to analyze the data collected. The findings showed that out of one thousand and ninety two ( 1092) teachers in the three local governments. only twenty—seven (’27) were computer teachers giving a percentage of 2.4 73. .Twenty (20) respondents out of sixty—three (63) showed that there were enough ICT facilities while fifty—nine (59) out of sixty-three (63) claimed to lack enough human resources in this subject area. It is therefore recommended that Government should expedite action in the provision of enough ICT facilities in schools so as to enhance efective teaching and learning of ICT and also provide human resources in handling ICT in schools to enable not only the teachers but the students to be lCT literate in order to meet the need of contemporary society.

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