Books, Education and Literacy in Nigeria’s Development
Nkechi M. Christopher
Dept of Communication & Language Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria


Books and literacy are a sine qua non for development, and education binds all three together. Desirable as these elements are in a developing nation, increase in literacy and educational institutions has not translated into more books for the individual or increased in readership in Nigeria; and therefore development in the country has not been progressive. Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, ICT is pushing the frontiers of education, book publishing and literacy to levels of integration and a redefinition of the leaming/teaching process. Literacy now involves media literacy, the ability to use other media of information and communication in learning and communication. Despite the fact that book publishing is still in its primordial stage, and the Nigerian publishers and governments are unable to provide adequate books for learning and self-development, it is argued in this paper that the use of
ICT in education is capable of bridging the knowledge and information gaps between Nigeria and other nations and between the haves and have nets in Nigeria. This becomes an imperative in a world that has become a networked information and knowledge-based society where those who do not have access to new technology and information are marginalized in the new world order.

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