“Bridging an Apparent Instructional Communication Gap through Development: an Reading Imperative for Nigeria’s 6-3—3-4 Educational System”.
It is necessary to explain briefly the nature and the indicators of the
instructional communication gap that apparently exists at all educational levels in Nigeria. Instructional cormunication is, in essence, the sharing,
improvement or expansion of an ”ledge or learning through instruction. Such instruction may be carried out formally through teaching individuals or groups in our educational institutions. It can also be carried out vicariously through individual use of books and other instructional materials. An instructional communication gap seems evident in situations where instructional materials or reading materials are in very short supply, such that the major means of acquiring and sharing knowledge becomes terribly inadequate for both instructors and learners. It is also evident in situations where the receptive communication skills (listening and reading) which provide gateways to learning, are so poorly or inadequately developed that self-instruction and vicarious instructional communication, through effective use of books and other reading materials are jeopardised.