Reading is basically a private process of interaction between a reader and print. Teachers traditionally attempt to gain insight into the reading process of an individual by listening to the child read ora11y. This can, in fact, be a valuable means of learning how a child is interacting with the print before him. However, listening to a child read individually is time consuming and, to be done we1l, requires specialized training in addition, when a child reads ora11y in front of an adu1t, the child may tend to concentrate on perfect pronunciation rather than on understanding what he is reading. in recent years a new technique has been developed which provides valuable insight into what a child is thinking while in the process of reading in a private and natural situation. This technique involves using the cloze Procedure. using cloze procedure the reader is given something to read, a passage from a story or an interesting article for example, in which some words have been deleted and replaced by a 1ine. The reader is instructed to read through the passage silently and then use the context of the passage to fill in each missing word by writing it on the line.