Communication Skills: Effective Tools for Human Relations,
Peace and Good Governance
Prof (Mrs) l. E. Uwatt
Curriculum & Teaching
Faculty ofEducation
University ofCalabar, Calabar

Peace and good governance have eluded many homes, nations and indeed the entire world; either because we cannot speak peace or we have failed to process peace content objectively, understand it and apply it in required conflict situations, thus affecting the mutual development of human relations — thefertile groundfor goodgovernance. The concept ofpeace in itselfis equally becoming elusive as the philosophy ofpeace is enshrouded in such complex and unintelligible language to the parties concerned. Definitely, something has gone amiss. It may have to do with the way we receive andprocess information andsubsequently react to such Information. Sharing ofinformation, feelings, fears andjoys, forms the core of human interactions through the use of language that culminate in human relations. The quality ofhuman relation so established attracts eitherpeace or war and this will inevitably affect governance. This paper enunciates the strength in using critical thinking, listening and speaking skills to develop human relations and consequently attract peace and good governance.

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