Creating Interest for Second Chance Education among School-Age Truant Children through Literacy Remediation Strategy
Thelma U. Ekukinam, University onyo, Uyo and
ldongesit N. Udosen, University of Uyo, Uyo

Literacy is a pre—requisite for effective integration and improved livelihood in the modern world. It is therefore expedient to extend literacy and indeed functional literacy through modern technologies to school—age truant children, who for one reason or the other were unable to sustain their initial enthusiasm to learn. This study aimed at identifying literacy needs of some dropouts based on occupational interest for literacy remediation proposes. T0
guide the study, three research questions and one hypothesis were formulated. Through a literacy remediation questionnaire for dropouts (LRQD), the study provided descriptive and survey analyses of two hundred dropouts’
(hawkers and bus conductors) literacy needs based on occupational interest. An experimental study of literacy remediation was further conducted on a sample of twenty participants who indicated interest in sewing/tailoring. A
test statistical analysis indicated a significant difference between mean scores of pre-test(8.41) and post test (12. 7) showing the post test mean score on the high side. There is an indication that drop-outs can be motivated to improve their livelihood and even change their statuses if exposed to appropriate learning strategies such as multimedia instructional packages. Governments, among others, are called upon to provide ‘hygiene conditions ‘that will enhance the drop outs’ interest to undertake a second chance education.

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