Cultivating Critical Reading Skills Through Group Activity
J. S. Aliyu Ph.D.

One troublesome problem of reading is that of the wide continuum between the efficient reader and the poor reader. The gap becomes more staggering when critical reading is involved especially at the secondary and tertiary levels. Whereas reading specialists have proposed contrasting views of what in actuality constitutes reading, they are agreed on at least one point: that the efficient reader requires the critical skill. In this paper the activity based approach for cultivating critical reading skill is proposed. It highlights the potential gains as including:1). Raising the reader’s evaluative judgement; 2) .Sensitizing the reader to employ appropriate schemata 3).Challenging the reader to engage in linguistic Manipulations; and 4). Harnessing the reader’ overall communicative awareness. However, despite such possible gains, the paper acknowledges the probable limitations of the approach as including: Matthew effect, imposition of teacher’s bias, and the limitation of the volume of reading.

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