Development of Literacy Skills for Political Emancipation in Nigeria
Usoro Mark Okono
Agency for Ault and Non—Fonnal Eduaction. Uyo

[It Nigeria the [liability to read, write and count in any language is well documented (Jegede,2003; Moots, 2000). Perhaps this accounts for the efforts of various governments to combat illiteracy which date back to pre political independence in 1960. A study of the Nigerian situation reveals that the illiterate masses are often hijacked by the political elite who exploit them for the latter ‘s benefit. This paper appraise: the efficacy of government policy on mass literacy through the years and the structures created for adult education in Nigeria. The appraisal reveals that there is a strong need for the government to translate the policies on mass literacy into concrete reality on one hand, and the need to introduce the on-thee spot or mobile class sessions along the traffic lattes of life on the other to enhance the socio—political participation of many Nigerians in the affairs oft/1e nation.

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