Literacy and Reading in Nigeria Volume 15, No. 2 2014
DFlD—ESSPIN Support to School Literacy and Numeracy
Development in Enugu State
Simeon Oziri Ogbonna, PhD
State team Leader
DFlD-ESSPIN. Enugu ; soogbonna@yahoo. com

This paper details the various aspects in which the United Kingdom’s Departmentfor International Development (DFID) funded Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN) has been supporting literacy and numeracy development and instruction in public and missions’—owned primary schools in Enugu State. These include surveys, development of literacy and numeracy learning outcome benchmarks (1.033;) and lessonplans. professional development ofmaster-trainers, training ofteachers and head teachers, assessment ofliteracy and numeracy and school support visits The overall purpose of’the programme is to support head teachers, teachers and school— based management committees (SBMCs) to create an environment in which every child is given an  opportunity to succeed in developing and consolidating critical learning to read and reading to learn skills.

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