Digital Age, Short Message Services (SMS) and the Internet in Nigeria: Prospects and
Problems for English Language Learners
Akinola Asiyanbola, PhD;
Department ofEnglish,
ObafemiAwo/owo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Phone: +2348035087801

The digital age, which is an aspect of globalization, is here with us with its attendant prospects and problems. The present paper centres on the digital age, the internet and short messages serrica (SMS) on the one hand, and their positive and negative effects on the language learning of students, ranging from secondary to the tertiary level, on the other hand. After the paper has highlighted the prospects and problems, it recommends some salient points that are relevant to students, for their consideration on how they can cope with language learning in the digital era. The paper is conveniently divided into seven sections in order to do justice to the subject matter The sections are namely; introduction, spelling out the interrelationship and meaning of globalization, national development and digitalization; the digital age; English Language learning and digital teaching aids; teaching methods associated with the digital age or information communication technology (ICT)); short message services (SMS), the internet and their prospects; short message services (SMS) the internet and their problems and finally, the wayforward and conclusion.

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