Enhancing Functional Reading among the Youths through Newspapers and Magazines: A Teacher’s Briefcase Technique.

: “Hello, Mr Vendor! What’s in the news today? What papers do you have?”
“Vanguard, Newswatclz, Guardian,….. ……”
“Give me Daily Times, Newswatch, Ikebe Super, and ……”
“Excuse me friend, please give me one to scan through”.
“Okay. Have Concord…….”
C: “Ha! Ha!! Ha!!! Michael Jackson’s nose is collapsing. It needs repairs……” ADFG: How? Where? What? Nose, collapsing ke? Na wa o!”

The above and similar utterances are often heard at the newspaper kiosk where buyers/readers go to pick up a few newspapers and magazines and vendors. Newspapers and magazines seem to have a luring catch on their readers. The “spell” is so strong that even when buyers do not have money to buy many issues, some team up to buy different
copies and exchange or circulate them among themselves. Some are “addicted” to newspapers to the extent that they can forgo other light “pleasures” like groundnuts, so as to be able to buy one newspaper or two. Still some, who cannot afford to buy, request their friends to give them the already read ones, no matter how many days have
elapsed, so as to get the news in spite of the news being stale. The above instances to show that go people love to read, at least, to keep abreast of what is happening in the world around them.

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