Enhancing Reading And Writing Skills In The J. S. S. Through The Newspaper
Taiwo .0. Omojuwa (Mrs)

The paper focuses on how to assist students in improving their reading and writing skills by using the newspaper as a text. The aim is to (I) improve the reading ability level of students who read newspapers (ii) enhance their writing skills based on the newspaper experience of these students, and (iii) forge a link between their newspaper experience and the world outside.it starts by looking at the reading habit of Nigerians, with particular reference to the newspaper. It explains and gives guidelines to teachers and students on what to focus on when reading and how to read for specific purposes.It then expatiates on the above techniques as well as materials which are now used
in giving the students guidelines on writing strategies.The paper concludes by making suggestions that would be of benefit to teachers,students as well as the average newspaper reader.

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