Enhancing Women’s Development through Literacy Acquisition in Nigeria
Virginia Obioma Eze
Laz Chinedu Ogenyi

Education, specifically the Literacy aspect, has both social and transformative services that are the bed rock for personal development high? aspirations, self assurance and assertiveness, all of which promote to acquire a level of literacy for optimization of these values needed for both personal development and, ultimately development of the society. In spite of the known fact that women slightly outnumber men in the global society, women are said to be victims of illiteracy and limited access to education and thus are relatively marginalized in these respects. In this paper literacy and development are first conceptualized as substrata for thorough examination of the nexus between literacy education and income level on one hand and, the latter and development of women on the other hand, The paper concludes with a presentation“: of the possible implications of literacy acquisition by women and their income status on mar peace and harmony in addition to some suggestions on strategies for enhancement of women development.
Keywords: enhancing, women’s development, income, literacy and literacy education

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