Environmental Literacy For Building A Sustainable Society: Implication For Educational Planning.
Dr. Franca Anijah – Obi

Considering the rate of environmental degradation and the looming catastrophe if left unchecked , it does appear that the world is gambling with survival Nigeria shares with the world the increasing concern over maintaining a quality human habitat. Environmental illiteracy has been identified as a factor in human misuse and abuse of the environment. It is the position of this paper that the battle for environmental quality should be focused more on the people – concentrating on changing attitudes and improving the human condition. than on the environmental front-concentrating on litter clean-up campaigns and other mundane activities, which merely attack the symptoms rather than the problems themselves. It is premised on the fact that environmental education is the key to sustainability. It. therefore advocates environmental literacy as a prelude to the manipulation of the physical environment and making the change to sustainable living.

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