Extensive Reading-An Effective Tool for Achieving the Goals of the User of English Programme in  Nigeria as a Second Language Environment

Professor Emeka .J. Otagburuagu
School of General Studies
University ofNigeriu
Nnamani, Obiageli Cynthia
Diversion of General Studies
Enugu State University of Science and Technology

In Nigeria, the English language is a critical discipline and over the years, it has remained the primary medium of instruction in schools, colleges, and universities. Research and experience show a complimentary relationship between the constituent skills of the language. This relationship manifest more between reading and writing. The reading skill , in the opinion of this paper, is the master key for the aqcuisition of proficiency in English Studies. Although reading experts identify a variety of types and techniques of reading, current research has shown that extensive reading has a significant co-relation with the development of proficiency in second language learning. It is common knowledge that the proficiency of university studies in this all important skill has remained abysmally low. This appears to be the reason why President Goodluck Jonathan recently launched the Bring Back the Book Programme in order to revive public interest in reading and in this way, perhaps, develop a reading culture in the country. Drawing inspirationfiom the Stephen Krashen Is Affective Filter Hypothesis and the Schema theory, thispaper hypothesizes that significant country ifan extensive reading plan is made an integral part of the compulsory use ofEnglish course in Nigeria universities Theposition ofthis study is that since Nigerian students ’motivation to read has waned remarkably, the very nature ofextensive reading— allowing students to choose a variety of reading texts within their readability levels, engaging them in silent reading at their pace, the near absence ofassessments, teachers serving as role models—canmotivate undergraduates to enjoy reading, increaser their vocabulary, improve their reading speed, given them a broad- based education and ultimately help them become independent readers.

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