Female Literacy and Sustainable Peace
Nwigwe, N V.
Department ofEnglish Language
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Department of Curriculum Studies
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Izuagba, A C
Department of Curriculum Studies,
Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education
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Violence and peace have been issues of global concern. In Nigeria, the absence of peace manifest different forms ranging from militancy in the Niger Delta Region, kidnapping in the South East and Boko Haram in the Northern Region. This paper sought to determine the extent to which female literacy enhances sustainable peace using staff of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri,Imo State. Descriptive survey was adopted and the population comprised of all staff of the institution totaling 632. The simple random sampling with non-replacement balloting technique was employed.Stratification was done for sex. Determination of sample size was achieved using Watson (200])formula. Data collection instrument was a 20-item questionnaire which was validated and it showed a high reliability index of0. 084 when test-retest data were subjected to Pearson is Product Moment Correlation Coeficient. Data generated from survey instrument were analysed using mean, standard deviation and chi-square test for significant difference. Results show that respondents agreed that female literacy enhances sustainable peace. Sex was not a determining factor in the responses of subjects. Recommendations made among others include a movement from alphabetic to functional literacy that enhances skills required in the utilization of technology in agriculture, home, and communication which in turn facilitates development and peace.

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