Influence of Literacy on Gender Parity in Mathematics Lessons
Abiotlim A. Papoola, PhD
Department Curriculum Studies
University of Ado Ekiti, Ado Ekiti.
Ekiti— State, Nigeria

The study investigated the influence of literacy on gender parity in Mathematics lessons in Ekiti- State Secondary Schools, Using a descriptive survey type 800(500 male and 300 female) students were selected from 8 schools and 100Mathematics teachers drawn from 20 schools. Both teachers and students were given questionnaires to elicit information which was designed on Likert rating scale and validated with reliability 0.91 and 0.88 respectively The data were subjected to frequency counts, Means. and Standard Deviations, student’s analysis, correlation analysis and F—ratio at a— level of0.05. The results show that there were significant gender differences in term of teaching method students’ answering questions, use of instructional material. Male and female teachers did not vary significantly in their use of language during Mathematics lessons Use of language was not a significant predictor of teachers’ practices during Mathematics lessons but there was significant positive relationship between students’ perception and performance in Mathematics lessons. It is suggested that textbook writers, administrators, managers, and teachers should increase gender awareness to develop new curricula Gender parity must be
integrated in different subject areas. Balance classroom assessment methods to evaluate group and individual work using verbal and written evaluation tools should be encouraged Annual classroom studies should be undertaken in order to monitor teachers’ interactions with boys and girls to ensure parity in student treatment. Policies that encourage girls’ participation in mathematics and mathematics—related subjects must be instituted. Guidelines in evaluating text books and other instructional materials for gender biases should be developed.

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