Influence of Single Parenting 0n the Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students in Lagos State.
Makinde, Solomon Olanrewaju(Ph.D)
Okebukola, Foluso Oluwatoyin (Ph.D)
Onifade, Jumoke.Esther.
Department ofLanguage, Arts And Social Science Education,
Faculty ofEducation,
Lagos State University, Ojo.

There has been a remarkably low level of academic performance among students in Lagos State Secondary Schools due to a number of factors. This study focuses on the role of single parenting on the study habits and English language competence of secondary school students in Lagos State. The objective of this study is to identify the types of homes and to find out the role of single parenting on study habit as related to the student ls competence in English language. The population consists of five secondary schools randomly selected. One hundred and fifty senior secondary school students were used. Fifteen hypotheses were formulated to guide this study. A Questionnaire was constructed and administered to the selected sample in the study. Findings reveal that students from intact homes performed better than those from broken homes though the difference was not significant‘: I . ] 7(df= 70), P:0. 2 I) .‘ students of legally married parents performed significantly better than those whose parents were not (t=4.38(df:37).1’:0. 005).Students who live with both parents also had higher means score(9.23) in English language than those who live with single mothers (8.80) and those who live with single fathers fathers (8. 79). It is therefore recommended that parents must do all within their capability to settle differences amicably and avoid separation or divorce in order to ensure peace in all homes and in the larger society which in a long run would ensure higher academic performance.

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