Quest: Who is RANmate?  
Ans: A RANmate is one who is a member of Reading Association of Nigeria.
Quest: Who qualifies to be a RANmate?

Ans:   Anybody:
who can read and write;
who encourages others to read; and
​who promotes reading at any  level of education, qualifies to be a RANmate.  
But doesn’t that sound like being in an association that is exclusively for people in the              Departments of English and Literary Studies, Education Arts, Languages and Linguistics? 
Ans.  Absolutely not. People in the Physical, Medical, Social and Managements Sciences, Law,  Performing Arts,Engineering, in fact in all fields of study qualify to be members. Remember, there is reading in content areas. If you write, you want it to be read. To encourage others to read is to do the work of a RANmate. 
Ques. What are the benefits derivable from being a RANmate?
A. They are legion, examples:
➢ If you register as a local member, you qualify to register as:
➢ A national Member (Reading Association of Nigeria) member.           
➢ A Pan African Literacy Association member.
➢ An international Literacy Association member.
B. Each of these associations/publishing bodies opens up to you an array of opportunities to publish and read latest research findings. 
C. You get trained as a workshop facilitator of reading and lots more.
➢ Hosting World Literary Day yearly.​                                         
➢ .Organizing training Workshop for school teachers in Nursery/Primary and Secondary schools on reading and Literacy.
➢ Organizing regional conferences on literacy and reading.
➢ Participating in regional, national, Pan-African, international reading/literacy conferences. 
➢ Publishing conference papers.
➢ Organizing and hosting Vacation Reading Programmes yearly for children in Nursery/Primary to JSS3 levels whose contributions have been published
➢ And lots more. 
   If you’re interested in becoming a member, contact any of the following officers:
1. Prof Stella Ikhesor Ekpe (National President)
   Department of English & Literary Studies
   University of Calabar, Calabar
2. Dr. Mrs Graceful Ofodu (National Vice- President)
    Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti
3. Dr Mrs Helen Aghamelu (National Secretary)
   Theatre Arts Department
   Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra
4. Dr. Godwin Ushie (National Treasurer, RAN)
    Department of English and Literary Studies,
    University of Calabar
    07064951126.     ​    ​
5. Frank O. Agulu (Apostle) (National Director of Membership)
   Computer/English Department
   ONIT College of Education, Mbaukwu, Anambra State
   08034439649  ​

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