Knowledge and Utilization of E—Library Resources for Literacy Acquisition by
Students of Two Tertiary Institutions in Owerri
Nwachukwu, Ugomma Anaekpcrechi
Directorate 0f General Studies
Federal University Of Technology, werri.
Allumaraeze, Chinwe Innocentia
Directorate of General Studies
Federal University Of Technology, Owerri.
Iahumaraeze@Yahoo. Com

The importance ofthe library in literacy development and knowledge acquisition has been established by educationists and researchers over the years. This is why quality libraries are seen as crucial part of schools and research centers. However, following the rapid growth of Information and Communication Icahnologv (1C7), the concept and use ofe -library have gained prominence. This survey thus. examined the knowledge and utilization ofe-library resources by students in two key federal tertiary institutions in Imo State. It set out to ascertain the level of consciousness of students about e-library andits benefits as well as their level ofexposure to it. To achieve this, four research questions wereformulated A twenty-five item questionnaire was administered to eighty students randomly drawn from these two tertiary institutions The data collected were analyzed using the simple percentage and frequency counts. The result showed that students who are already engrossed in the social networking and entertainment aspect of[(lTseldom explore its rich access to e—library collections anddata bases due to lack ofadequate information about websitesfor academic activities.
as well as lack of the orientation and initiative for their utilization. They acknowledge the e~library as a richfircilityfor literacy acquisition. Hence, there is the need for teachers to expose students and lead them to relevant e-library data bases through instructions, practicum and assignments.
Their use of handsets to access e—library should also be encouraged.

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