Learning Environment For Literacy Development
Mrs. Felicia Ngozi Ofuani Ph.D
Department Of Educational Psychology And Curriculum Studies.
Faculty OfEducation, University of Benin, Benin City.

Dr. R.B Danner
Department of Educational Psychology And Curriculum Studies.
Faculty of Education, University OfBenin, Benin City.

This descriptive survey examined learning environment for literacy development. The total population of this study was three hundred and ninety-six (396) Junior Secondary School teachers in Oredo Local Government Area of Eda State. The sample of this study was one hundred and ninety (I 90) teachers selected using proportional random sampling. A questionnaire titled ‘Learning Environment and Literacy Development Questionnaire ’(LELDQ), made up of thirty four (34) items was used to solicit responses from respondents. The simple percentage, mean and standard deviation were used to analyze data. The study found that teachers see the teaching of literacy skills as important, It was also found that instructional materials and facilities for literacy development were inadequate in schools. Based on the finding of this study. it was recommended among others that the state, as well as the federal government should improve the schools’ learning environment by providing facilities that would enhance literacy development and make learning meaningful.

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