Literacies in Multilingual and Critical Pedagogy in Multicultural Society
John Ereke, and 2Sunday Agwu
Department ofArts and Social Science Education Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki

Literacies in multilingual and critical pedagogy in multicultural society seek to address some language and cultural problems in the contemporary society. The society we are today is made up of people with various orientations, values, beliefs, norms and most importantly new media technologies. With the changes in these key areas of human
communications and interactions, multilingualism and multiculturalism become needful to address racial, gender, regional, and class inequalities in education pedagogy. This paper also highlights issues on how mother tongue is inevitable in child education and language development as observed in Global Education Monitoring Report Policy 2016. It is also important that linguistic and cultural diversity in education, relationship between language and culture, why is mother tongue recommended as language of instruction, challenges in the use of multilingual and multicultural approaches to teaching and learning literacy, what are the necessities in multilingual and multicultural content and literacy, multicultural and the challenges of contemporary education were fully discussed to reflect the importance of the topic under review. The scholars tactfully discussed the topics raised in this paper to reflect the current issues in the society. Conclusion was drawn based on the idea that this article will make meaningful contributions to the education industry.

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