Literacy and Gender Parity: Strategies for Balance
Chinyere Nwagbara, PILD
Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council
(NERDC} Abuja

Literacy is the ”key” to good quality of life, to individual and collective progress Everyone has a right to possess this ”key”because education is a basic human right as enshrined in the Human Rights Constitution of1 948. Unfortunately, in a developing world like Nigeria, there are many illiterates and indeed, more female
illiterates than there are male illiterates. This is as a result of the limitations of being female in a gendered society like ours. Right from childhood, a female child is made to realize that there are differences between her and her male siblings inmost homes. The male child has the inalienable right to education, unlike the female counterpart. Even in adult life, the roles of producing, nurturing and taking care of the home, including the husband, become for the female, a raison d’etre while the adult male has the licence to work outside the home and do as he pleases. This paper attempts to address some of the issues pertaining to the many inequalities that have been responsible for the poor status of the Nigerian woman and also proffer solutions.

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