Literacy and Learning Spaces
A case Study of Secondary School Students’ Self Studying Habit in Ekiti State

Oyinloye, G. Olu
Department of Curriculum Studies
Ekiti State University,
Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State
Ife Ajepe
Department of General Studies
Afe Babalola University.
Ado Ekiti.

This study examined the issue ofliteracy, learning spaces and stud-ants ‘independent study habits among Secondary School Students in Ekiti State. The purpose Qi‘the study is to investigate where the secondary school students carried out their study independently Also the study: investigated the type of materials read by the students. The population of the study is the secondary school students in Ekiti State. The sample for the study consists of200 senior secondary school class two students. The instrumentfor the study is a set thelf-reporting questionnaire which has thirty three
items that elicit information on students selfstudy habit, where they study and the type of materials they read. Students carry out their independent study and what they read. The data collected were subjected tofrequency counts andpercentages. The findings from the study showed thatfew of the students engaged in selfstudy, had access to learning spaces and material. It was also discovered that onlyfew students read novel and other materials that are related to their school subjects. It was recommended that students should be encouraged to develop the habit of self study while learning environment must be improved by the government.

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