Literacy and Musical Performance: Challenges of the Nigerian Pop Musician
Ikenna Emmanuel Onwuegbuna
Department ofMusic, University ofNigeria, Nsukka

The majority of the stakeholders and employees in the Pop music sector in Nigeria are illiterates. This situation has led to several educational, professional, economic and social problems. Poor understanding of the technical but vital properties of music, image crisis, undue exploitation of the musicians by music entrepreneurs and social stigma are some of these problems. In this presentation, the researcher aims at exposing the educational, professional, economic and social responsibilities of the Pop music performer that are realizable through an increase in general and particular literacy; in addition to other gains of literacy in musical practices. Today, socio-cultural and economic relationships between different geographical regions of the world are transacted globally through the computer.
World Music or Ethno Pop that is a child of this time has become a strong medium of education and enlightenment. As a professional who has operated from both sides of nonliterate and literate musical performance, the researcher’s experiences in the field make up a bulk of the facts in this paper.

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