Literacy and University Librarians’ Healthy Living
lira, Ekunem B.E.; Ogar Christopher E.
The University Library Cross River University ofTechnology,Calabar
Cross River State, Calabar— Nigeria
Ottong, Eno J.(Ph.D)
Library and lnformation Science Unit University of Calabar, Calabar
Cross River State, Calabar— Nigeria

Literacy is a pre—requisite for effective integration and improved livelihood in the modern world. It is therefore expedient to extend literacy and indeed functional literacy through healthy living to library professionals who are the o sources of activities in their organization to achieve organizational set goals. Librarians are most important and vital assets of the library as the productivity of all other sources depends upon them. Librarians health is very important because a sound mind in a sound body should be every body’s goal if the person wants to really enjoy his/her life to live a fulfilled li e. Librarians therefore need a good and hospitable environment to carry out their daily tasks. In spite of government efforts to encourage literacy and healthy living, the literacy ratio of healthy people in the country still remains low as many Nigerians ,-particularly in the library profession are still faced with hazards in their work environment. This paper aimed at studying literacy and university librarians healthy living. The concept of literacy, roles of librarians and factors that encourage literacy in the university were discussed. The paper also dealt extensively on librarians’ healthy living, its problems and nutrition as a catalyst for their work efficiency. The paper went further to highlight the principles of healthy living as a guide for librarians.Recommendations are also advanced.

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