Literacy as a Panacea for Good Governance
Prince F.E.O Omoruyi (Pll.D)
omoruyi4christ4love@yahoo. com
Omage, A.S (Mrs.)
Department ofAdult and Non Formal Education
Faculty ofEducation
University of Benin.
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
adesuwaomagemrs@h0tmail. com

Literacy education is considered an important energiser for individual and societal development and transformation. It is the key to all forms ofdevelopment. Mthout it, development is said to leap on one leg. This lofty beliefis driven by the modest understanding that literacy is capable of putting the economy on the path ofgrowth and development by ensuring good governance. The country is desire and march towards becoming one ofthe twenty largest economic and prosperous nations in the world in the year 2020 is hinged on good governance. It has become imperative therefore. to evolve strategies that would help guarantee good governance. It is in this regard that this paper seeks to make its initial contribution. The paper discusses the issues of literacy, its importance in individual andsocietal development. The thesis ofthepaper is that literacy education can be employed as a tool for promoting good governance in Nigeria. The paper concludes by proposing means by which literacy education can be employed to guarantee good governance in order to sustain our nascent democracy and achieve the desired societal transformation and uplifting.

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