The definition of literacy in the context of this paper transcends the narrow referent of the ability to read and write to embrace a multi-dimensional apprehension of and sensitivity to the problems besetting the people by the leaders, to embrace the decolonization’ of the elite and their willingness to play their proper role as the conscience of the society, to embrace the
people’s awareness of their collective power and the need for them to stand up for their rights. This literacy will lead to an empathy that will make the Nigerian leader part of the nation’s collective consciousness; it will lead to a commitment that will make the elite harness their conscience to curb the excesses of erring Nigerian leaders; it will lead to a fearlessness that will make the masses exploit their collective power to stem the political evils that have immortalised them as the wretched of the earth. This literacy will raise each group above the observer status that has been at the root of the political evils that have been the bane of successive Nigerian governments.