Literacy for Civil and Peaceful Society
Sulaiman O. Eguare
Usmanu Dan/bdiyo University, Department of Curriculum Studies and Educational
Technology, Sokoto Nigeria.

Of interest in this paper is the exploration of the effect of literacy in the establishment of civil and peaceful society. In this connection, this paper explains the concept of literacy. The paper also highlights some types of literacy and the means through which literacy could be applied in fostering civil and peaceful society. It finally contends that once literacy training is enhanced and applied, the attainment of civil and peaceful society would be a reality.N0 society, no matter its economic potentials, can witness meaningful development in a situation of civil disobedience and anarchy. As a result, many educators and moral educators have postulated the use of literacy as an instrument for civil and peaceful society. Their arguments are rooted in the belief that literacy enables the individual to view and to filter there current happenings and thoughts, and also access information and facts that could make one to realize the need for peace and decorum in the society. Furthermore, literacy has been an instrument by which individuals express their positions, constructively, on matters that are cable of breeding peaceful coexistence and tranquility in the society. This therefore makes a person with literacy training a repository of knowledge and an -agent of positive social change.

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