Literacy for Librarians’ Sustainable Security in Their Work Environment
Eyo, Ekanem B.E. & Ogar, Christopher E.
University library
Cross River University of Technology, Calabar
Cross River State – Nigeria
Phone Number: 08038964583
Afebende, Godwin 13., (PhD)
The College Library
College ofEducation, Akamkpa
Cross River State 4 Nigeria
Phone Number: 0803 7100955

This paper examines literacy for librarians ’sustainable security in their work environment. The concepts of literacy, roles of librarians and factors that encourage literacy in the university were discussed. The paper also dealt extensively on librarians’ sustainable security in their work environment as well as librarians ’challenges in their work environment. Tables were used in the presentation of the various types of librarians’ literacy skills required in their work environment, percentage composition of Human Body and composition of balanced diet for prospective library workers. The paper concludes that, health and security is wealth and that adequate nutrition ensures work efficiency. Thus, librarians working efficiency depends on the pattern of diet they consumed. The paper recommends that:— Librarians should be health conscious and not hesitate to present themselves for regular medical check ups. For an organization to survive and grow, it must reach a level of sustainable security for librarians to live socially and economically productive lives in their work environment. The Nigerian Library/Association should help to create awareness and integrate this topic in their Annual Conference/AGM. Nutrition education is essential to select low—costfoods to substitute for high-cost ones. Librarians need to be motivated and encouraged to develop themselves through conferences, workshops, seminars, short courses, and so on so as to deliver quality services in their work environment.
Keywords: Librarian; Literacy; Sustainable Security; University; Work Environment

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