Literacy Innovation and Teacher Education Pedagogy in Secondary Schools in Cross River State, Nigeria
Etim, Eme Edet
Department Of Arts Education (Language Arts) University of Calabar,

Literacy is a building block for any societal development. A society filled with literate people will be able to impart positively on the political, economical and social development of that society. Literacy transforms the lives of the people. Educated people are able to communicate with others through exchange of ideas, feelings and proffer solution to ailing problems. As a result, one ’s self-concept is built. Poor quality education has impoverished most societies in the world leading to high rate of illiterate men and women who cannot contribute meaning fully to building the society. There is an urgent need to restructure the teacher education through proper innovations to aid revamp the educational sector and the society at large. One of the strategies to a sustainable and progressive teacher education is through transformation and innovations. There is need to innovate the teachers’ teaching methods to suit the global society, the schools’ curricula, the educational policies, the management practices and other areas which will breed sustainable change into the teacher education programmes. When teacher education programmes are given priorities and innovations put in place, literacy will be attainable, giving rise to skilled and efficient teachers who will integrate various strategies to make teaching and learning worthwhile.

Keywords: Literacy, innovation, teacher education, pedagogy.

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