In recent times. literacy. which is the ability to access and respond to messages and ideas in printed form has come to occupy an important place in all national development efforts. There has also been a universal cal for access. equity. improvements in quality. relevance and diversification of delivery methods to reach the tin—reached in distance learning programmes. If distance learning is a universal call to literacy. it is necessary to identify some problems which may impede the teaching learning success of the programme. This paper is the report of a
research study undertaken on problems of distance learning at the University of Calabar Outreach Centre in Minna. Specifically. the study aimed at identifying the key problems of distance learning and the relationship between these problems and students performance in a
generally course for MBA and MPA students called organisational theory. The method adopted was the simple descriptive survey using a researcher-designed questionnaire and oral interview. One way ANOVA statistics was used for data analysis. One of the revelations of the study was that a strong relationship existed between students‘ performance and problems such as
comprehension of study text. study strategies. and instructional materials. They implications of all these findings for-counselling were highlighted.