Market Women: Literacy Potentials for Sustainable Peace and Security.
Dr. Catherine Ashasiln (PILD)
Taraba State University
Taraba State.

The paper has looked at women as possible vanguards of peace. This is because they have a natural affinity for peace and they are peace educators in the family and communities. The paper focuses on market women as a potential group that government could mobilize and give literacy skills so that they can make wise and informed choices for peace and development. These women have been known to use their group as a platform to protect and support one another They are a resource that could be used for grass root mobilization for peace. Ten markets were visited by a random selection. Questionnaires were used to collect information from the women. Percentile was used for analyses.
Findings show that these women have a readiness to be a platform for literacy training because they are organized, therefore accessible Literacy would enhance their economic earning and management. Beyond these, they have some literacy exposure that could be ‘refreshed ’as the findings show a willingness to access literacy.

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