Mass Media and Critical Literacy: Precursors of Societal Peace
Laz Chinedu Ogenyi, Ph. D
The Use ofEnglish Unit,
School ofGeneral Studies,
University ofNigeria,
Nsukka, Nigeria
[lazmilly@yahoo. com]
Basil 0. Nwokolo
The Use ofEnglish Unit.
School ofGeneral Studies.
University o/‘Nigeria, Nsukka Nigeria

This paper posits that mass media provide critical literacy which is language use that questions the social construction of the self They which enable us to examine our ongoing development, in order to reveal the subjective positions from which we make sense of the world and act in it. The paper argues that critical literacy and the mass media can, and do foster civil and peaceful society. The paper further believes that the acquisition and application of this type of literacy by the individuals are the road maps to the creation and entrenchment of peace in every human habitat. Critical literacy, which is acquired through the mass media. gives rise to awareness, obedience and luck or absence of anarchy. critical literacy and the mass media enable the individuals to access information, be abreast of current governmental activities. express their opinions on issues of common interest. The duo breed tranquility and harmonious co-existence thereby avert Civil unrest. The paper authenticates these claims through the explication of the major terms/concepts in the topic. examination of the relationship between the mass media and critical literacy; and exploration of their respective roles in peace creation The paper concludes by asserting that the overall effect of
the scenario which the mass media and critical literacy create include positive soda—economic. political and cultural improvements.

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