Parents Role In Enhancing Reading Ability in Educable Mentally Retarded Children
Eno P. Ntukidem

The educable mentally retarded (EMR) children, often called slow learners are ever present in our regular schools system; but they have not received the much needed attention from the home and the school. One deficiency in our educational system is the tendency of schools to overlook the significant roles parents could play in helping children learn to read. This deficiency may be overcome through a partnership with parents, Well informed parents are able to create a learning environment in the home and provide cognitive stimulation for their children in early years. Parents of EMR children have always played essential role in. providing services for such children. In the light of the above, this paper has pointed out that parents who are cognitive stimulators in the home could assist in developing the EMR children’s reading ability. Based on this believe, the role of parents in fostering reading ability is presented, and useful guidelines are also offered.

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