Peace Literacy: Contributions of Building Reconciliation in City Centre in Plateau State
Katrina A. Korb, Awodi Cornelius, Joseph Emmanuel, and Okwara Salvagain
Faculty of Education University of Jos. Jos

Jos has suffered from widespread inter-communal violence far over ten years, resulting in the schools being segregated along religious lines. To address these problems, Building Reconciliation in City Center (BRiCC) has recently begun extramural lessons in one of the few neighbourhoods where Christians and Muslims still live in close proximity One component of the extramural lessons is a peace literacy programme where children read storybooks with messages related to peace. The two key goals of the peace literacy programme are to improve children’s literacy skills and to help children develop attitudes and skills that foster peaceful co—existence. This paper described the peace literacy programme. An evaluation of the program through interviews with the leaders of the programme revealed that the programme has made modest success in achieving these two goals in its first year of programming. In conclusion, reading storybooks with peace related themes can be a good tool for fostering the development of skills and attitudes related to peaceful co-existence.

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