Perceptions of Postgraduate Students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka,
on the Use of Social Media for teaching and Learning in Nigerian Universities

H. C. Amadi
School of General Studies,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
0803 7459671
lkenna H. Ahaotu
Department of Mass Communication,
University of Nigeria. Nsukka.
0803 745 0565

The rate ofsocial media use. especially, amongst youths has. no doubt slgrrocketed in recent years. Some studies have reported cases where social media tools are adoptedfor teaching/learning by some universities, mainly those in developed countries. It is in the light ofthis development that this study sought tofind out the perception ofpostgraduate students in the University ofNigeria, Nsukka, concerning the use of social media for teaching and learning. The work also revealed the social media usage pattern ofthe post graduate students ~ the social media tools they use often and what they use social media for. The survey method was used for the research and the questionnaire served as the instrument of data gathering, while SPSS was used to analyse the data. It was revealed that majority of the post graduate students use facebook and also that majority access social media on a daily basis, mainly to meet and chat with friends and for their research purpose, It was also revealed that majority of the respondents want social media tools to be used for teaching and learning in Nigerian universities, believing that their collaborative and interactive features will help students learn, even outside the classroom. Based on these revelations, this study. amongst other things, recommends that Nigerian universities should consider ways of adapting social media tools for teaching and learning.

Key Words: social media; social networks; connectivism; collaboration: teaching and learning

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