Producing Teaching Materials For Reading In The EAP(English For Academic Purposes) Classroom
M. O. Tinuoye

‘Reading’ is an academic skill whose indispensability and importance cannot be underscored in any setting. In fact, it may be indisputably claimed that students do more of reading than writing: It is thus incumbent that materials which will effectively and efficiently prepare our students for this learning skill should be readily available for use in teaching the skill. Such materials may be teacher or commercially produced. Regardless of the source of materials however, the criteria of relevance (to students’ need), adequacy (to students’ level and ability) and validity (cultural and concurrent i.e. academic and societal) must be met . This paper thus intends to provide sample reading materials and ways of exploiting such materials for the optimal benefit of students. it is the author‘s hope that language teachers would be encouraged to produce their own reading materials for their class use and also choose texts from already prepared materials that would meet their students’ reading requirement(s).

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