Promoting Gender Equity, Scientific Literacy and Peace Through Gender Mainstreaming Strategies
Bernadette Ebele Ozoji (Ph.D) mbozoriigaZyahooxom
Patricia Uwamezi Mmegwa
Mary Ocheenia Anyebe
Lucy Taiwo Oriade
Faculty of Education,
University of Jos.

The paper discussed the promotion of gender equity, scientific literacy and peace through the use of gender mainstreaming strategies. The concepts of gender equity, scientific literacy and peace were defined The under- representation, discrimination and under-achievement of Nigerian students in science, technology and mathematics courses were discussed. Some of the factors militating against gender equity and scientific literacy were highlighted. Gender mainstreaming package discussed included the use of gender-inclusive images and constructs, use of gender—inclusive language or expressions, use of gender-inclusive pictures and textual materials. The implication of the use of gender mainstreaming strategies for peaceful co-existence and conflict resolution by Nigerian students were highlighted. Finally, the paper concluded that, if gender equity was not attained in our educational institutions at a foundational level, it would be difficult to have social peace,economic and technological advancement in Nigeria, no matter how scientifically literate the citizenry might be.

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