Promoting Literacy among Hausa Women in Northern Nigeria Shantu Using Songs
Phebe Veronica Jatau
Department of English, Federal College of Education, Zaria
e-mail: phebej ata@yahoo.eom phone: 08028185055

Hausa women in the northern part of Nigeria are mostly “illiterates” due to socio-cultural practices that hinder their access to western education in spite of government and non governmental efforts at promoting literacy for them. Consequently, a lot of them depend on misperceived information from neighbours, because they cannot access information from the print media or other mass media channels rendered in a language they can neither speak nor write. To improve the literacy level of Hausa women, this paper advocates the use of community-based resources in the teaching and learning of English language using shantu songs (Hausa women’s folksongs) for illustration. Recommended pedagogical changes to the curriculum are hereby proposed arguing that these changes will accommodate adult, childhood, and girl—child education. The positions held are foregrounded in the social
constructionist theory.

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