Quest for Female’s Functional Literacy: A study of
Zaynah Alkali’s the Descendants
Rosccolettc N. Ewurum
Department of Generul Studies
Alvan lkoku Federal Collcge of Education

Ada Onyebuenyi
Department of General Studies
Federal P0lytechnic, Nekede

Amara Chukwudi-Ofoedu
Department of General Studies
Abia State Polytechnic, Aba

lhe family is a microcosm of a nation. What affects the family invariably affects the nation. Literacy as perceived by this study entails higher awareness, socialization and interaction. it transcends reading and writing to include great consciousness of surrounding event as well as logical thinking and actions. this is in consonance with functional literacy which takes cognizance of societal needs. This paper consequently suggest that literacy will go a long way in ensuring peace in the family in the wake of globalization. Various situations that result in conflict bedevil the families and put them in a state of chaos and anarchy which literacy goes a long to solve. This study consequently assesses movement as a form of non-verbal tool that promotes family literacy and peace in Zaynab Alkali’s The Descendants. This study is hinged on Griece’s theory of implicature and presupposition and concludes that any quest that is literacy motivated and oriented brings not just peace and harmony but progress not just to individuals and families but to the Nation as well.

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