Radical Strategies For Emancipatory Literacy And Their Implications For The Curriculum Process
Lilemcy and Reading In Nigeria

All round literacy is intrinsically emancipatory. It liberates the human mind from ignorance. superstition and domination and generates increased skills, greater freedom, improved creativity and better self — management leading to increased responsibility, material well – being and self-actualisation. Emancipatory literacy can no longer rely on the conventionally narrow scope, limited strategies and adhoc’ approaches. Newer and more radical strategies cutting across all levels of curriculum and programme designs, planning and implementation and literacy experiences must be used . The age—old approaches must be seriously questioned in the light of modern scientific and technological innovations Literacy itself must be redefined to reflect more universal and emancipatory processes and practices.Relevant agenda for emancipatory literacy include re—orientation in teacher education programme, media design and production strategies, government policies and public responses.

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