RAN’s 25 Years of Reading Research and Development: A Review
Dele Orisawayi and Joseph Ayo Babalola
University, llesa, Osun State

The Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN) attained 25 years of active existence in August in 2007. The Silver Jubilee celebrated at the 11th Biennial Conference in 2008 was already projected at the meeting of the Board of Trustees (BOT) in November 2003. Now, at this conference, RAN members should joyfully congratulate one another on 26 years of existence of our professional association.The theme of this conference provides an opportunity to ‘look back’ at what RAN has been doing, and ‘look forward’ to the unending quest for Literacy for All nationwide. By implication, I would like to add an active word to the statement of the theme to read:Providing Literacy Structures for Human Resource Development and Nation Building —with appropriate implications for all the governments of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and their agencies. The subject of Reading Research and Development (the main issue of this paper) is a significant component of this endeavour.

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